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10 Tips on How to Best Prepare for the BIG Day

Photography by Jazmine Rubio First things first, planning a wedding can seem a little overwhelming {trust us, we do it for a living}. We’ve come up with our top 10 tips that will prepare you and your fiance for the BIG Day. Start Planning Early The earlier you start planning, the easier and less stressful it will be as your day approaches. Having a clear plan before you start will help you keep on top

Galaxy Gala 2018

The Galaxy Gala, an evening of food, music, fun, and most importantly- it’s all for a good cause. This special night has been put together to benefit, CHINS {Children in Need of Services}, a local non-profit organization, that has provided services for children and families in Otero & Lincoln Counties for over 30 years. CHINS employs over 100 dedicated professionals, providing a variety of services designed to support and strengthen families.   ⇑     ⇑ 

How to Address Wedding Invitations Envelopes

Determining the appropriate way to address your wedding invitations envelopes can be a tricky process. Here are our tips so that your invites are everything you want (and NEED) them to be! Find  ways to address your wedding invitation envelopes below.  Before You Begin Allow plenty of time to address, assemble, and mail all invitations. Order extra envelopes—inner and outer—in case of errors.   How to Address the Envelopes Double check the spelling of your guests’ names

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

When it comes to creating and sending your wedding invitations, there’s a lot more to it than just sticking a card in the mail! Here are some do’s and don’ts to make your wedding invitations everything you want (and NEED) them to be! 5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW: 1. When should we send out our wedding invitations? Traditionally, invitations go out six to eight weeks before the wedding, that gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules

10 Most Popular Wedding Themes

Picking out a wedding theme can be one of the hardest planning decision for the soon-to-be-couple. Do you want to go on a romantic route, or choose a more rustic feel? If you’re still not sure which direction you want to go, we rounded up the TOP 10 Wedding Themes for any style and venue.   1. Rustic  String lights, mason jars, twine, lace, and all wood everything, contribute to the simple and “homey” vibe of this